Polenta (corn semolina)

The Karanika Mills corn semolina is produced out of 100% Greek corn and can be prepared as a complimentary dish or used in many recipes. It is a nutritious and healthy food without gluten and can be served hot or cold.

Our Polenta is available in vacuum packs fof 1 kg for long preservation but also in big bags of 25 kgs for industrial use.


Important information on polenta (corn semolina)

Polenta is produced from 100% pure corn without any additions.

It is mixed with water or milk in a proportion of 4 cups of liquid to 1 cup of polenta, on a low boiling mode, and stirred continuously until a   homogeneous porridge is created. You can add during the stirring , grained cheese ( parmesan or other hard cheese), vegetables or even smoked ham, depending on your fantasy.

Polenta it’s gluten free,

so for the people avoiding gluten is an exceptional choice. It is normally safe for people who are gluten sensitive or suffer from celiac disease.

Polenta is a natural source of fibers and protein

and for that you get easily the feeling of fed up. Fibers are also needed for the best function of our peptic system and the avoiding of the constipation.

Finally polenta is a low calorie food

in comparison to other cereals. For example 100 grams of polenta produces only 70 calories. So it’s a great option for people trying to lose weight.